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What Does Your Therapist Think At The End Of The Day?


The following is a blog post from MHCGR member Johanna Bond, featured on The Huffington Post.

Johanna Bond, LMHC, NCC, is a licensed mental health counselor and a writer.  Ms. Bond explores the interaction between mental and physical health, both personally and professionally.  As a counselor, she works in private practice at Perspectives Mental Health Counseling (  She hosts a blog on The Huffington Post, as well as  She is currently writing her first book about rising to the challenge of a severe food allergy diagnosis.  Johanna is an active member of the MHCGR and also serves as the chapter secretary.

What Does Your Therapist Think At The End Of The Day?

In the course of our lives, many of us will visit a therapist for an outside perspective or help with a problem we are facing. What’s going on in that therapist’s head at the end of the day?

As a mental health counselor, I’m choosing to shed some light on what’s going on in my head at the end of a day of counseling. I don’t speak for all therapists, but I speak from my own experiences. This letter was initially written for my personal processing at the end of a full day, and I’m sharing it with you now to provide some insight into the inner workings of the therapist who may be sitting across from you.

To my clients:
I walk in the door to my office at the beginning of the day and I take a deep breath, inhaling the scent of leather, wood and paper. I exhale, curious for the day ahead. You never cease to amaze me with your stories, your coping, and even your off-beat comments. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say today.

When the end of the day arrives, I start to walk out the door to my office and I turn. I’m mentally concluding the day as I reach to close and lock the door. Pausing, I glance at the chair where you sat. Not long ago you sat in that chair, sharing with me your stories, your emotions and your vulnerabilities, an incredible level of trust… (to read the rest of this article, please click here)


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