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New action on license portability

License Portability


Many times Mental Health Counselors have difficulties obtaining licensure in other jurisdictions due to issues such as supervision requirements, licensure exams (NCC and NCMHCE) as well as when they completed their degree. Did you complete a 48 credit hour community counseling degree or a 60 credit hour mental health counseling degree? Many of these issues and varying requirements for Licensed Counselors are different from state to state. This issue for many of us has been one that has affected our profession for quite a while and relates to license portability.

ACA and AASCB are attempting to address this issue of license portability. Read this latest ARTICLE from “Counseling Today” about an initiative that is coming out right now and please share your thoughts and experiences about this portability issue. Some of the proposed changes that this effort is trying to accomplish includes enacting a national scope of practice that includes the word “diagnosis” which is very relevant topic for those in New York State. It also calls for adopting a “uniform” professional title Licensed Professional Counselor – (LPC) for all states.

Please share your thoughts on this article and topic!